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Aloe Vera - The Skin Healer, Skin Regenerator, Immune Booster & a Superfood

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Aloe Vera - The Skin Healer, Skin Regenerator, Immune Booster & a Superfood
Aloe vera is miraculous plant. It has been of great significance to Ayurveda the traditional Indian medicine, Chinese medicine for healing skin, healing wounds, gut issues and for its anti inflammatory properties. This plant has been there for ages. It is perennial and succulent plant. Aloe vera gives us anti inflammatory gel which comes from the inner part of its leaf. It can be used safely as anti-fungal and antimicrobial agent. It can soothe the itching, rashes and irritations on the skin and beyond. It can be used in times of burns & skin conditions to name a few acne, eczema and psoriasis. Aloe vera is a great skin regenerator.
Aloe vera gel is also moisturizing for the hair & the scalp. Aloe vera gel has quite a name in natural holistic treatment for dry hair. If we combine aloe vera gel with coconut/olive oil and apply it before the hair wash for an hour or overnight over scalp/hair can be very beneficial. Within a few months of use, this holistic treatment has the potential to reverse the damage caused by synthetics present in the hair products. However its benefits are not limited to skin, hair or scalp upon consuming it has the power to boost the immune system, enhance the gut flora and so much more. Aloe vera is a SUPERFOOD. I try to use it in many forms in my daily routine. Always try to make your own aloe vera gel at home from its leaf. It's easy and safe because you are completely aware of its quality that has not been altered with any artificial or synthetic stuff.  

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