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Why should you care about the skin?

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Why should you care about the skin?

Skin is the largest organ which constantly keeps absorbing and flushing toxins out hence skin becomes the biggest eliminative organ. There are many ways pathogens can enter our system and the easiest route for them is through our skin. Anything that comes in contact with our skin can penetrate into the blood stream easily. Once an invader makes a way into the blood stream, it has the power create a havoc. The pace of these reactions will depend on the kind and nature of products we are touching or using on our skin. Chemical based products can provide a temporary boost but they can create long term issues that can erupt at a later point. 

We should be mindful of our choices to keep the natural harmony of the skin and the body. We should respect our body because it’s the most intricate and most sophisticated system in the world. We should stay connected to the mother earth in one way or the other. For instance, walking barefoot on the grass/sand can be really therapeutic.

"Nature has answers to our queries - all we have to do is connect with it more often" - Smilee Mahendru

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