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ACNE - Are you ready to take Natural Holistic Route?

Posted by Smilee Mahendru on

ACNE - Are you ready to take Natural Holistic Route?

Acne is not an illness but the number of people suffering from it is countless. It’s an infection, impurity caused by toxins, and it can be treated with holistic habits and lifestyle changes. If you're like me and prefer an alternative approach over conventional methods, this article can offer invaluable insights. I believe in the mantra 'Respect your body - treat it as temple'.

Acne is typically categorized into two main types: non-inflammatory and inflammatory acne. It is also described as mild, moderate, or severe acne. Non-inflammatory acne is characterized by white and black heads. Inflammatory acne is most of time caused by small infections generally due to acnes bacteria. The most severe form of acne is cystic acne. It is an acute form of acne that has large, inflamed nodules that appears on the surface of the skin.

Let’s dig in & find out How Acne is formed?

Acne is indicative of a lingering presence of streptococcus bacteria in the liver, coupled with compromised gut health. Prioritizing gut health and fortifying the liver are essential strategies for combatting acne. The liver plays a pivotal role in maintaining gut health. Adopting a holistic lifestyle requires patience but promises enduring outcomes. Before acne's visible signs appear, streptococcus establishes a prolonged presence, thriving on undesirable substances within the system. It gradually infiltrates the subcutaneous fat, bolstering its presence. Eventually, it reaches the deepest dermal layer. The immune system launches a vigorous defense against streptococcus, amassing sebum oil as a protective barrier. However, as streptococcus strengthens, sebum oil's defense weakens. At this stage, the skin's immune response intensifies, leading to increased sebum production to counter this adversary.

In cases where streptococcus is exceptionally robust, it can overpower sebum oil, resulting in inflamed or cystic acne. While mild acne may resolve swiftly, moderate to severe cases can significantly impact one's confidence and skin health. Although antibiotics offer temporary relief, they inadvertently strain the liver. Streptococcus thrives on toxins, heavy metals, pesticides, antibiotics, and more.

In response to acne flare-ups, some turn to alternative medicine, opting to eliminate gluten and dairy products under the belief that it helps. Through research, it becomes apparent that gluten and dairy themselves are not the root causes of acne; rather, it's streptococcus that thrives on these substances.

Things one can rely on:

Do not let streptococcus gang up against your self-defense your own immune system. Holistic living, clean eating habits, using clean products, gut friendly food will go a long way. Strengthening your lymphatic system is a great favor to yourself. Let the vitamins, minerals from fruits, vegetables, herbs start the healing for you.

A complete game changer for your liver is Celery juice. If your liver is happy and thriving, you will, and your skin will too. Nettle tea has great benefits both for your gut and liver. When it comes to gut health L-Glutamine daily on empty stomach works phenomenal for the health of your skin, Probiotics works wonders again for your gut, Zinc, Plant based Collagen powder, Vitamin C, and Omega 3’s are the big guns in helping you getting relief from your suffering (acne) health of your skin. I always suggest checking with your doctor first as I am not a doctor, not a health practitioner. I just like to research deep, find answers to why and spread the word.

In combination with your gut & liver - inner health, you need to make the right choices externally too. A complete kit to healthy and deeply nourished skin.

Begin your skincare routine with a clean slate. A strong foundation starts with clean skin. Embrace your inner wisdom as you age gracefully. Remember, your body is your lifelong companion. Let's ditch those beauty magazines that breed comparison – life's more than that. Seek ancient beauty secrets in nature, not malls. Introduce the practice of double cleansing, begin by incorporating our enriching oil-based cleanser, Bare Beauty.

1. Bare Beauty is a gentle yet potent elixir that redefines cleansing, preserving the skin's integrity while delivering a revitalizing cleanse. It is a RESTORING CLEANSING oil. It is free of emulsifiers, mineral-oils, synthetics, additives, preservatives, endocrine disruptors which are detrimental to our overall health. It contains natural, healing, soothing, antioxidant-rich, and antibacterial plant-based oils that work wonders on the skin. It is your everyday oil-cleanser. It is gentle, nourishing, balancing and brightens the skin’s appearance while boosting natural radiance.

2Dewy Honey Glow mask is infused with the pure, unrefined essence of honey, combined harmoniously with gentle clay. Together, they work like a captivating enchantment, drawing out impurities from each pore. This exquisite blend also features antioxidant-rich botanical biotics, bestowing delightful moisture, and infusing pores with lipid goodness for a radiant and clarifying effect.

3. Exfoliation -once a week is of utmost importance. Fresh Face Magic Dust are mineral based ancient clay masks designed to detoxify micro particles from the door of every pore, boost blood circulation, stimulate collagen, soothe inflammation and to get rid of blemishes.

4. Delicious Moisturizers- we offer a trifecta of enchanting moisturizers, each designed to lovingly enshroud your skin in the pure nectar extracted from nature's botanical wonders, delivering their ethereal beauty-enhancing qualities.

Youth Glow Serum- Our bio-active, phytonutrient-rich facial serum is made of nourishing face oils and skin-beautifying essential oils. Our serum has a high dose of vitamins A, C, D, E, F and Essential fatty acids (Omega 3, 6, & 9) packed in it that improve skin’s elasticity, preserve skin’s moisture, and reduce blemishes. Youth Glow serum being naturally rich in vitamin C promotes collagen production that reduces the appearance of aging. 

Endless Moisture- This luxurious velvety moisturizer has nutrient rich essential fatty acids to restore, nourish, replenish, and hydrate your skin from head to toe. Our rich, deeply penetrating body butter absorbs quickly and helps the skin look youthful. 

Deep Skin Repair is made of natural nectars pressed from plants to deliver magnificent moisture. This oil-to-balm is brilliantly beneficial to skin that is dry, damaged, scarred, or simply in need of some serious TLC. Lipids present in this oil-to-balm offer bountiful beauty benefits that fortify and strengthen healthy skin cells. It is an absolute dream oil-to-balm, known for its stunning capacity to heal the skin, even skin tone and encourages the acceleration of the new skin cells. It’s a 3 in 1 (facial moisturizer, body butter and a lip balm).

At Gaea Organics, each product is formulated by keeping the micro-biome of the skin in mind. Our products are gentle, nourishing, rejuvenating, and healing that won’t alter the pH balance of the skin. Luxury for us stands for the supreme quality. Quality products that deliver performance in less time. Our skincare products are the ultimate delight for the microbiome of your skin.

Painstakingly exquisite quality products are not built in a day. We take no shortcuts. We say no to outsourcing because we want to ensure that there is no compromise at any level. Every week, we prepare fresh micro-batch of products, pack and ship them ourselves from our studio.

Finally, don’t forget self-affirmations – We are more than our body, skin and organs. I thank almighty every day for letting me to experience this world in so many ways. 

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