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Our Story

Our Story 

Meet our Formulator, Founder & Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach
        “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates
My belief in this mantra became much stronger the day I became a mother. I have always believed in the power of food/superfood/super herbs & natural remedies since my childhood but never cared much prior to motherhood. The joy of being a mom and being responsible for life pushed me more towards my beliefs inculcated since childhood. My mom says that nature is the remedy to many modern-day problems and I completely second that.

I am a mom, a double Master's, avid reader, keen researcher, educator, blog writer and a strong proponent of holistic lifestyle. Personally, I had my share of going through roller coaster of health struggles which was enough to break my motivation and energy to fight. Spent years bouncing from doctor to doctor realized that they were only treating the symptoms and the treatment they were suggesting was not aligned with my school of thought. Medicine should alleviate and cure our symptoms without side effects. However, the modern medicine is not only limited to treating the symptoms but also can leave us with serious side effects.

I took health into my own hands and started researching to find answers to my own health struggles. After studying multiple holistic books, meeting one of a kind holistic doctor and getting myself certified as a 'Holistic Nutrition Health Coach', I realized the full potential of natural ingredients and my understanding about human anatomy grew better.

I found the maximum healing from two places. One from the daily positive affirmations and second from the place very close to my heart – my kitchen. Daily positive affirmations gave me the required push out of the deep depressed gloomy state of mind and being in my kitchen creating new recipes felt liberating.

I enjoy brewing therapeutic teas, immune booster syrups, developing new recipes and making personal care products. If you can't find me in the heart of my house - my kitchen, you can find me in the most awesome company of my adorable daughter and loving husband.

Professionally, I think I found my calling when my personal learnings coincided with the professional world and I started creating Raw, Living, Natural, Non-Toxic, Organic & Luxurious skin care products with simple holistic ingredients. I believe in amalgamation of the research and traditional wisdom. Marrying them together and spreading the knowledge is my absolute passion.

Help us spread the joy, love and purity of Gaea - Goddess of Earth through Gaea Organics. Looking forward to this journey together!!

‘Beautiful skin is the fruit of harmony reaped by the perfect marriage of what you put on it and what you put inside. Let nature create the blueprint of your beauty not any industry’Smilee Mahendru

Smilee Mahendru (Founder)

(Holistic Nutrition Coach)