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Why Gaea? Gaea means Goddess of earth. Gaea is the divine personification of earth, and she symbolizes life and fertility. Gaea Organics focuses on honoring & respecting the nature and reducing the negative impact on earth. All our products are made from the holistic, living, natural and raw ingredients that are available in abundance in the nature. At Gaea Organics, we are constantly trying to reduce the unwanted waste and use environmentally friendly, sustainable, and recyclable material for shipping and packaging.We are committed to leave a better world for our kids and the coming generations. Help us spread Mother Gaea’s love.

Why should you care about your skin? In the human body, skin is the largest organ.  Around one third of the body’s toxins are released through the skin, hence this wonderful organ needs tender loving care. The skin is more valuable than we can comprehend, as skin is made up of nerves that directly communicates with the brain throughout the day to help gaurd us. Gaea Organics is infusing its products with inherent brilliance of the plants in creating a fine fit for health of your beautifulskin. This product line is personally handcrafted in small batches to give you the utmost care.

Why 'Miron' glass bottles? Our glass bottles are luxurious in its appearance and in its purpose too. These bottles keep the life & vitality of the products stable for longer period of times without needing any preservatives or synthetics. These bottles do not let any light penetrate in it hence the product is optimally protected from the complete spectrum of the light. Plastic and botanical oils can be extremely precarious to our health and that’s the reason we use a special glass i.e miron glass bottles because YOU MATTER TO US!




PHILOSOPHY: Our products are made from the ancient wisdom of natural & holistic ingredients. Our ingredients are Raw, Natural, Living, Non-toxic, Sustainable & certified Organic. We procure the highest quality ingredients from all over the world that Gaea (mother earth) has to offer us. Formulating for you in our exquisite kitchen for beauty with lots of love, honesty & integrity. Our products are non-hormone-disruptors, cruelty free, beyond fair trade, preservative free, food grade, raw & organic.

PROMISE: We believe that skincare should be safe and beneficial. We want to provide safe haven to our customers so that our customers can enjoy the clean & green skincare without having to worry about a product’s safety. We are constantly finding new ways to support our customers wellbeing through our educational blogs, cutting-edge formula that will give them a tangible and sensory experience.

PROCESS: At our kitchen-studio, each product is handcrafted meticulously in small batches. Gaea Organics products are made fresh from high-performing, holistic and organic ingredients. As our fresh product ingredients keep arriving throughout the week, they are blended, prepared, and packaged into the jars and bottles in a matter of few days. No product sits on our shelves for longer than a week before shipping out to customers. We create, manufacture and package our products ourselves so that we can personally ensure the quality, freshness and purity of every product that touches your skin. Each formula is curated to strengthen the micro-biome of the skin, boost the regeneration and reveal healthy-balanced looking skin. We use plants innate intelligence and ancient wisdom to create our products.Our products naturally fight against the external environmental aggressors. We marry simplicity with the sophistication to create efficacious skincare. We believe in evolving and improving our products

‘Beautiful skin is the fruit of harmony reaped by the perfect marriage of what you put on it and what you put inside. Let nature create the blueprint of your beauty not any industry’ ~ Smilee Mahendru (Founder)