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Beauty from the INSIDE-OUT

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Beauty from the INSIDE-OUT

In the modern day the whole concept of beauty has been reduced to ‘pseudogasm’. Yes, I know there is no such word and I just made it up but what I am trying to say is that the idea of beauty in popular culture is completely unreal and is driven by pseudo desires. 

Timeless beauty comes from a healthy lifestyle. At our home, we swear by this mantra “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates. The best way to achieve impeccable skin, besides airbrushing or photoshop is to maintain microbiome of the skin. Factors like clean eating, sound sleep, exercise, balanced hormones, nourished cells, proper hydration, overcoming stress and clean skincare will lead us to state of beyond beautiful.


Support your skin from the inside -  The system that can bring things into balance is our Gut. Did you know that gut is called our second brain? 90% of our immunity and beauty comes from the kind of relationship we share with out gut. Gut largely influences our mood and well-being. You can experience eternal luminosity and 'Ojas'(vitality) by eating life-enhancing foods that create the everlasting glow. 

Support your skin from the Outside- Skin is the largest organ. Around one third of our body's toxins are released through the skin. Hence our skin deserves gentle love and care. The skin is more valuable than any precious gem because it represents us for our entire life. Educate yourself on what you are using on your skin and why? That's when you will really start to see improvement. Transform your skin with clean skincare products and say no to preservatives, parabens, endocrine disruptors, synthetics, artificial color and fragrances.   



Gaea Organics uses organic, naturally occurring ingredients that are safe to use and potent enough to give you visible results. We marry the ancient wisdom and research to create an efficacious skincare that is immediately recognized by the skin to strengthen skin's microbiome and boost the regeneration and repair for a healthy, balanced and luminous skin. 

“Beautiful skin is the fruit of harmony reaped by the perfect marriage of what you out on it and what you put inside. Let nature create the blueprint of your beauty not any industry”

~ Smilee Mahendru (Founder, Gaea Organics)

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