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Do you care about minimizing fine lines, wrinkles and bumps from your skin naturally?

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Do you care about minimizing fine lines, wrinkles and bumps from your skin naturally?

If your answer to the above question is yes, then get ready to ditch your water-based moisturizers today. Most of the moisturizers available in the market are water-based. Do you know the number one ingredient in these moisturizers is ‘aqua’ aka water? The percentage of aqua in a moisturizer can vary from 70% to 90% and rest of the key ingredients percentage is less than 20% to 30%.  So, imagine your skin is only getting little to no benefit from the advertised key ingredients. It is just a sham and a marketing gimmick.

Our moisturizers are oil based. It might seem counterintuitive to some but when you use oil-based moisturizers you are balancing the oil production of your skin. What makes Gaea Endless Moisture/ Gaea Deep Skin Repair/Gaea Youth Glow Serum unique is that these are waterless moisturizers which means it contains no water. They are made of botanical oils and shea butter that your skin needs - nothing less nothing more. What we recommend is that you spray your skin with intense hydration like tap/filtered water and apply our oil-based moisturizer to tightly seal the moisture in your skin and achieve forever youthful skin in mere short time.


Lot of people run away from oils especially people with oily skin. They think that oils will hurt them, however it is the opposite oil helps in balancing the sebum. As long as you are using the right oils for your skin you are only going to reap long term benefits from them. So, ditch your water-based moisturizers today.


Gaea Organics believes in the ancient wisdom of holistic ingredients. Our products are natural, holistic, organic and luxurious. We procure the highest quality ingredients from all over the world that Gaea (mother earth) has to offer us. Our products are clean and green - free of preservatives, toxins, parabens, synthetics, endocrine disruptors, artificial colors and scents. Our products are not tested on animals and are cruelty free. These products are formulated to bring the imbalanced skin into a state of harmony and improve skin’s vitality. Hence the result is youthful, glowing and vibrant skin forever.  

 We care for you because you matter to us!!


~Gaea Organics

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