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Facial Cleansing #101

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Facial Cleansing #101

Is face cleansing in the morning and night crucial? What is oil cleansing? What is double cleansing?

You got the questions we got you covered!

Cleansing is extremely crucial for your skin as it prepares your skin to absorb the products better be it toners, serums, moisturizers so forth and so on.

First thing first -let’s start with the Morning Cleanse

Morning cleanse is foundational to the healthy skincare ritual. Every morning our skin is recovering from the elimination, regeneration and repair process that it has gone under overnight. Facial cleansing awakens the skin as well as cleanse the debris we have picked from the elimination process that has happened overnight.

Evening Cleanse

Cleansing every night is an absolute must. It’s the most important part of the skincare ritual. The evening cleanse removes the environmental debris, sunscreen, make up, germs that we collect throughout the day. To keep the impurities, breakouts and aging away we have to cleanse every evening before we hit the bed.

Oil Cleansing

Cleansing the face with the botanical oils especially packed with antioxidants and omega 3's, 6's and 9's like Gaea Skin Cleanser is an ultimate treat for your skin. It dissolves your make up, sunscreen and grime in seconds. Oil cleansing method comes from ancient Ayurvedic rituals of skincare. Oil plus water and a warm wet washcloth = gentle cleanse, gentle exfoliation, soft and thoroughly moisturized skin. Here at Gaea Organics, we are constantly curating natural yet effective treats for your skin.

Double cleansing

Earlier in the ancient days only oil cleansing would have been enough for the skincare everyday cleansing ritual. But given the environment we live in we can reap benefits from the double cleansing. You don’t have to lather your skin with foaming cleansers which often strip your skin off the natural oils that shouldn’t be stripped off. You do not want to experience the squeaky-clean skin (deprived of natural oils) that is stripped off the crucial protective barrier, it is there for a reason - to keep you away from aging and fight off the unwanted debris that sits on the surface of your skin. Once you strip off your skin off of its protective barrier (natural oils) you open the doors for skin to go out of balance, overproducing sebum hence bacteria, pimples, acne, clogged pores and much more.

We swear by holistic, gentle yet effective skincare rituals at Gaea Organics. Gaea Skin cleanser is an ultimate treat for your skin as the ingredients are beaming with antioxidants and omegas. They have the power to unclog the congestion and bring the lifeless skin back to life. After, the oil cleansing step you can use our gentle yet effective Gaea Honey Clay Mask/ Gaea Honey Neem Mask as nourishing and purifying cleanser, followed by Gaea Fresh Face (every other day) and Gaea Magic Dust weekly which are loaded with vitamin C, antioxidant cacao, exotic warming spices, herbs and clays. At Gaea Organics all the products are curated keeping the importance of the skin’s protective barrier and health in mind.

Skin is the largest organ so whatever you put on it gets absorbed by it. Gaea Organics offer healing and restorative skin care that deeply supports your skin's natural barrier. Our products work together to strengthen and balance the biome of the skin. They are multi-purpose, they can be used together, can be blended with each other to create a customized ritual for you.

~Gaea Organics



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