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When it comes to skincare, the order really matters. Do you have your's right?

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When it comes to skincare, the order really matters. Do you have your's right?

It can be extremely daunting to decide which skincare product to use in what order given we all are not experts on it. The right order can almost make or break the sanity of the skin. Number one rule to swear by is going from thinnest to thickest or lightest to heaviest from face to neck to décolletage. Let’s break it down for you so that you get the healthy glow on our skin forever.

Ritual 1- Cleansing

Cleansing is extremely crucial for your skin as it prepares your skin to absorb the products better be it toners, serums, moisturizers so forth and so on. Cleansing every day/night is an absolute must. It’s the most important part of the skincare ritual.

Ritual 2 -Gentle Masks/Exfoliators

Gentle mask/exfoliators detoxify, hydrate and heal the biome of the skin. Masks/Exfoliators work like a treatment product and they work better if applied especially after cleansing the skin.

Ritual 3- Serums

Gaea Organics serums are bursting with nutrient dense and antioxidant rich ingredients formulated to bring the imbalanced skin into a state of harmony and improve skin’s vitality. Generally, oil-based serums are best applied last, but our serums are like healthy shot that your skin can drink it right up after the mask and exfoliation. Therefore, it can be used before, after or mixed with the moisturizer. Our serums work harmoniously with our moisturizers/body butters.

Ritual 4- Moisturize

Our luxurious velvety butters have nutrient rich essential fatty acids to restore, nourish, replenish and hydrate your skin. Gaea body butters are rich, deeply penetrating absorbs quickly and help the skin look youthful.

Healthy skin is the mirror of our inner health. If we take care of our inner health in conjunction with the right products for our skin, our skin can maintain the healthy glow forever. Our body is the most intricate and sophisticated system in the world. Let’s choose to be wiser in our choices and respect the most complex system in the world.

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