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Is Organic-Holistic Skincare Effective Enough?

Posted by Gaea Organics on

Is Organic-Holistic Skincare Effective Enough?

Often enough people ask me this question ‘Is Raw/Organic/Non-toxic/natural skin care effective enough for daily use?

My answer to it is ‘Yes’ because products with synthetics, emulsifiers, toxins, preservatives, surfactants are devastating to you and health of your skin. They are skin irritant, endocrine disruptors, stays on skin for many days, kills microbes, free radical damage, inflammatory, makes skin permeable and much more.

In fact, the products without the toxins, synthetics, fillers, artificial scents have higher potencies of the actual real beneficial ingredients that you should be buying them for.   

An example that we can share here is Gaea Organics Anti-aging Serum. This particular serum is made of oils that are abundantly hydrating for your skin as well as gives you antioxidant protection. It also delivers certain phytonutrients that improves cellular communication and skin healing.

Many of our customers, who use our products or similar products regularly, start looking younger in just a few days because of higher potency of natural organic ingredients. The benefit of using the real natural holistic ingredients is that after few days of using them you will start seeing the glow and skin getting smoother, softer and illuminated - lit from within. The result starts to shine through as it becomes part of your everyday routine, so skin becomes supple and smoother as the time passes. Our products are sincerely made with organic, clean, preservative and synthetic free ingredients—and yet so effective that no matter what your skin type is, from aging to blemish-prone—you should see a serious transformation every time you use it.


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