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Today’s culture of beauty has been highly commercialized. We as society are focusing more and more on looking perfect than embracing real beauty. What is Beauty? In the past it was said that ‘beauty lies in the eyes of beholder’ but in the modern world the meaning of this quote is fading or for the larger crowd it has already faded.

The commercialization of exquisite beauty is aiming at looking unrealistically perfect which has twisted the meaning of Beauty. Now the cheeks are airbrushed constantly, images are being photoshopped and new era makeup gives you pseudo mythological looks. In the pursuit of looking whimsically perfect, we are shoving our skin under the Synthetics, Plastics, Fillers, Botox and Surgical sessions that makes our beauty look pristine momentarily later erupts the inner volcano that shatters the microbiome of the health of your skin. Today’s beauty is parched, and the focus is external – we need to let the body’s innate intelligence take over. We should love ourselves for who we are and become wise with our choices and let nature do its job.

Beauty is deep. It starts from within and with our choices - What we eat, the quality of our sleep, the quality of our thoughts, the quality of our - mindset | heart set | health set | soul set defines how beautiful we are.  As a society we should dive in deeper and learn from nature’s intelligence. We need to be conscious about what we put in our body and what we put on our skin. In the Blog  Why we should care about our skin?, we explain the rationale to focus on skin care. 

According to Gaea Organics, natural beauty needs less because ‘Less is More’. Let’s surrender ourselves into the seduction of using less and embarking in the rhythm of life, spirit, vitality of nature. Choose the products wisely.

Points to consider before buying skincare products

  1. Always hunt for products where there are only a few ingredients that you can read and understand.
  2. Say No to Preservatives, Emollients, Emulsifiers, Surfactants. Their side effects are viciously devastating for you and the health of your skin. They are skin irritant, endocrine disruptors, stay on skin for many days, kill microbes, free radical damage, inflammatory, makes skin permeable and much more (Side effects needs a blog by itself)
  3. Do not fall prey to marketing gimmicks.
  4. Do not let the commercialization of beauty define you and your regime for your skin.

    ‘Beautiful skin is the fruit of harmony reaped by the perfect marriage of what you put on it and what you put inside. Let nature create the blueprint of your beauty not any industry’. Smilee Mahendru


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