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Is Sunscreen your Friend or a Foe?

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Is Sunscreen your Friend or a Foe?

In the past sun and sunlight was related to our innate immunity, hygiene and positivity. Sunlight was often recommended to repair wounds, prevent infections, strengthen the skin’s microbiome. As sun cleanses the blood, boosts the immunity and stabilizes the skin’s flora we should get more and more morning sunlight until solar noon and then sunset as much as possible. It should not be a thing of past - it is powerful resource of our being so we should soak in the benefits of sun as much as possible. We are designed by mother nature to benefit from sun and sunshine. Our bodies, bones, organs, cells, skin needs sun to fully function in natures rhythm which by itself is beyond the humankind. We are always mindful of putting our plants in sun for it to grow and flourish but how about putting ourselves in sun for ample time in vital rays of the sunlight that our bodies need to grow and expand the way it should biologically to function to the topmost level?

“Let the sunshine be your doctor taking you out of the darkness of illnesses to the riches of its energy, life, verve and vigor” – Smilee Mahendru

As a society, now we are sunlight deprived therefore more and more diagnoses of influenza and cancer. People who get no sunlight or very little sunlight suffer from many illnesses and certainly they do not live as rich life as people who sunbathe regularly. You do not have to burn or roast yourself in the sun as recurring sunburns are not ideal for any skin type at any age. But is it fair to only blame the sun for the damaged skin? – the answer is ‘N’ ‘O’ – No. Not so surprisingly, the damaged skin is actually not damaged by sun, it comes from within – a life full of unhealthy lifestyle – a life span eating only processed foods, using synthetic based products, lathering skin with hormone disruptors like synthetic - creams, moisturizers, sunscreens, make up are the real culprits which should be blamed and punished. In 2007 study at University of California, San Diego concluded a substantial link between sunscreen usage and skin cancer. Sun is not to be blamed for skin cancer, wrinkles or aging because sun is a giver that enriches every cell and organ in our body through its sunshine and vitamin D3.

 Let’s intelligently build a connection with SUN

-Acknowledge the fact that we are designed by mother nature to benefit from sun & sunshine

-Drink plenty of alkaline water

-Topically use pure therapeutic sun friendly essential oils in and after sun

-Enjoy Sunrise until solar noon and then sunset

-Expose the skin as much as possible during the above-mentioned times

-Use clothing, hats, shade and zinc

-Make enough reserves for the winter time

-Avoid synthetic sunscreens

-Eat SPF antioxidant rich foods – berries, watermelon, green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, green tea, organic, unprocessed, unadulterated chocolates they all protect us against the sunburn.  

Foods mentioned above are bursting with beta carotene & pigment rich nutrients. Let’s turn our inner sunscreen on by eating right and dip ourselves into the golden liquid of sunshine – vitamin d3.

When buying a sunscreen, always look for natural & organic sunscreen with uncoated non-Nano particle zinc oxide as active ingredient. It does make your skin look as it has a whitening coat all over it but believe it you are better off that way. To make it look more like your skin always apply it with your moisturizer for it to penetrate better into your skin.

You can use Endless Moisture or Deep Skin Repair as a natural sunscreen SPF 15

“Sunshine is the most luxurious, skin deep beautifying cosmetic given by mother nature to us”- Smilee Mahendru

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