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Are the benefits of Essential oils truly tangible?

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Are the benefits of Essential oils truly tangible?

Let me begin with - What exactly essential oils are?

Essential oils are potent concentrated oils obtained from the plants - seeds, bark, flower, resin and peels. Benefits of essential oils are endless. To begin with - essential oils contain the healing elements and are widely used in holistic treatments to improve emotional, mental and physical health for thousands of years. 

Essential oils are a great trade for synthetic based beauty products. You do not want to lather your skin with synthetic fragrance, synthetic moisture or any form of synthetics in any way because they are detrimental to your health. Essential oils are potent natural medicine & are gold for your skin and skin bio-me.

"Let's abandon synthetic conventional products & redefine the meaning of wellness & beauty by tapping into the lavish abundant resources of nature" - Smilee Mahendru

Essential oils possess naturally powerful antioxidants and are organically antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiviral. Essential oils come with amazing characteristics & brilliance of the plants that kill only the harmful bacteria without killing the healthy bacteria.

For example:

Organic Lavender oil: It is calming in nature and widely used in aromatherapy. Lavender oil is antibacterial and a powerful antioxidant. 

Organic Lemon essential oil: It is a mood and concentration booster and can be used as a natural stress buster. Lemon oil a tremendous ability to increase alertness and fight low energy while being calming and relaxing in nature.

Organic Frankincense oil: It is known as King of essential oils and is extracted from the resin boswellia carterii that is mostly found in regions of Pakistan and Somalia. Frankincense reduces acne and skin scars and helps in toning and lifting the skin. It is great healer for dry and cracked skin. It can fortify the skin, its elasticity and protect us against blemishes of aging. Caution: Frankincense essential oil has blood thinning effects so always check with your doctor prior to its use.

Essential oils have the powerful intelligence of plants that come straight from the mother Gaea. When shopping for essential oils always look for organic, food grade, steam distilled and therapeutic grade essential oils.

Let the nature be your guide & the healer! Gaea Organics products are made from the best quality essential oils. Click here to learn more about our high quality efficacious skin care products. 




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