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Do you know your yummy HONEY is also the most medicinal & highest vibrational food?

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Do you know your yummy HONEY is also the most medicinal & highest vibrational food?

HONEY: It is one of the nature's best superfoods - is extremely healing & one of the highest vibrational food available on planet earth. Honey is nature’s sweetener, medicinal, rich in nutrient resources. Honey should always be taken raw because upon cooking we kill its enzymes.

Honey - the superfood can help in relieving lot of issues like bacterial infections because honey has antibacterial properties. Honey can be used both internally and externally. It can be used topically on abrasions, burns, cuts, cracks, scratches, wounds etc. During my study, through my course books and research material, I found out that honey has no side effects. However, babies should not be given honey at least till one year of their life. Honey can be contaminated with botulism i.e. bacteria and toxins that grows on food that is poorly preserved.

I use honey everyday in various forms at my household. It is one staple product, I must say in my everyday superfood regimen. I use honey in my skin care products liberally. Be it a mask, zapping a zit or letting honey do the dirty work for me to get the gunk out of my pores.

When buying honey always go for Organic, Unprocessed, Unfiltered, Unpasteurized, Raw and if possible look for wild honey to get the maximum healing from it. Stay away from syrup like golden honey because it is full of chemicals and is opposite of its benefits.


-Gaea Organics

PS: Gaea Organics is not a doctor, not a health practitioner and not associated with any affiliation. 

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